For the 1st time these women will be honored in two historical acts by the Congress of Deputies and the Min of Health, Social Affairs and Equal, 28 and 29 November


On December 14, hits theaters Oliva Acosta's documentary "The Constituyentes" that has rescued from oblivion after 34 years.

Coinciding with the release of "The Constituyentes" Olive Acosta, Congress and Ministry of Health, Social Affairs and Equal organized acts of homage to these pioneering women who participated in the drafting of the 1978 Constitution.

"The constituyentes" is an audiovisual document historic Spanish Parliament has so valued because for the first time in 34 years will bring together women participating in a photo so far unpublished and in a ceremony to be held on Wednesday November 28 in the House of Representatives

Women will pose constituents that morning to the print media in a historic photo with members of the Equality Commissions both Congress and the Senate, representatives of institutions dealing with equality issues and other parliamentarians.

In the afternoon, also in Congress, will screen the documentary film "The Constituyentes" and a roundtable with the Constituyentes and the presence of the director on the film and on this fascinating episode in the history of political participation women in Spain.
The next day, Thursday, November 29 in the afternoon, the Palafox Cinema Madrid will host a special pass-tribute, "
the Constituyentes", organized by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality through the Women's Institute who will attend the authorities of the institutions and other personalities. After the pass, the Constituyentes will be present and the director of the film maintain a conversation with the audience.
On December 5, the eve of the anniversary of the Constitution, will be presented to media the documentary and the director of the film along with some players, react to the press corps.
The film, written and directed by Oliva Acosta, is the first film about the 27 women, deputies and senators, who from their parliamentary work in the constituent legislature of 1977, were protagonists of political change towards democracy in Spain.
Through personal experience of these pioneers, who take the baton of Clara Campoamor, and a meeting in the Senate between deputies and current policies with some of the women constituents, the documentary not only speaks of an unprecedented form of the Spanish transition and parliamentarism in our country, but also of the very history of the Western democracies.
the Constituyentes", produced by Olivavá Productions with the participation of Canal Sur TV, ETB and RTVCanaria, and distributed by OlieteFilms, was released in theaters on December 14.
In addition to receiving numerous awards, among them the Silver Biznaga 'Affirming the Rights of Women' at the Festival de Málaga 2012 and a Special Mention 'Eurodoc' European Film Festival in Seville 2011, the ICAA has included this feature within the new rating category 'Specially recommended for gender equality', as a film that promotes "the elimination of prejudice and stereotyping based on gender roles, or promote the construction and dissemination of plural representations and actual both sexes. " It is the first documentary to receive this rating.
More information, / lasconstituyentes and Twitter @ lconstituyentes # lasconstituyentes
The press materials are available in the section 'shock' of the web.
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