Asunción Cruañes Molina

1925-2012, Alicante. Recently deceased. She lived in Xavia, Valencia, PSOE. Six children. Daughter of a teacher at the Institución Libre de Enseñanza (institute of free teaching). Well-known during the feminist movement of the 1960's as a member of the MDM (Women's Democratic Movement). MP for Alicante for four terms of office.

Belén Landáburu

1934, Burgos, lives in Madrid. Senator by Royal Appointment. Lawyer, worked for Spanish Phalanx’s female organization. Court lawyer and national advisor for the Spanish National Movement. Part of the Law Committee for the Political Reform of 1977, the only woman that participated in this significant process.

Soledad Becerril

1944, Madrid, lives in Seville, 2 children. UCD (Union of the Democratic Centre Party). University lecturer. Graduate in Philosophy. Partido Demócrata Andaluz (Democratic Party of Andalusia). Culture Minister in 1981. Senator for Grupo Popular, Mayoress of Sevilla. MP for Seville.

Dolors Calvet Puig

1950, Sabadell. One daughter. Journalist. Women’s movement of the PSUC (United Socialist Party of Catalonia). Feminist. Organiser of the Catalan Women’s Conference in 1976. Amnesty law that excluded women. Language equality.

Ana Maria Ruiz Tagle

1944, Seville. One son. PSOE. Labour lawyer. Founder of the Andalusia’s first legal labour consultancy along with Felipe González. Lecturer at the Faculty of Law at the University of Seville. MP for Seville and senator during various terms of office.

Esther Tellado Alfonso

1929, Tenerife. Two children. UCD. Languages graduate, Housewives Association. Spanish Phalanx’s female organization. Interested in family issues.

Nona Inés Vilariño Salgado

1944. One daughter. Born and lives in El Ferrol. PGI (Independent Galician Party). Philosophy and Arts. Teacher, political vocation. Secretary General of the PGI. MP during the first legislative term after the transition. MP for La Coruña, UCD

Maria Dolores Pelayo Duque

1943, Tenerife. Partido Social Demócrata, UCD group. Two children, lawyer. Member of the Spanish Association of Women Lawyers. MP for 5 terms of office. Town Councillor of Tenerife City Council. Member of the PSOE Federal Committee Director of Club s. XXI. Equal rights for women in the succession to the throne. Supports public schooling.

Carlota Bustelo

1939, Madrid. Feminist. PSOE. Three children. Involved in creating the Spanish Women’s Liberation Front. First speech of the PSOE on women in Congress in 1975. Divorce Law. Spain’s member of CEDAW within the UN. First Director of the Spanish Women’s Institute in 1983. MP for Madrid. Key player in the debate on the sexual and reproductive rights of women in the 1977 constitution.

Virtudes Castro García

1938, born and lives in Adra, Almería. PSOE. Primary school teacher. Law graduate at the Spanish Open University (UNED). Senator. Dedicated to understanding agricultural problems in Almería.

María Izquierdo Rojo

1946, Oviedo. Lives in Granada. PSOE. University lecturer. Anti-Franco activist at university. MEP. Advisory bodies for women in Andalusia which gave rise to the future creation of women’s institutes. Fight for the equal rights of women in Andalusia.

Rosina Lajo Perez

1931, Valladolid, Teacher and Director of the Vinces Vives Institute. Interested in education issues. Lives in Gerona. PSOE.

Amalia Miranzo Martinez

1939, Cuenca. Lived in Madrid. Three children. Only woman in the PSOE Senate group during the creation of the Spanish Constitution. Senator for Cuenca. Left politics and began a career in teaching.

Mercedes Moll de Miguel

1941, Mallorca, lived in Granada. Independent UCD member. First association of business women in Granada. Worked towards eradicating sexist stereotypes in the business and military sectors. MP for Granada.

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