Mothers of the Constitution who were unable to participate

Gloria Begué Cantón

1931, Leon, lives in Salamanca, Senator by Royal Appointment in 1977. Economic Committee, Budgets. First female head professor in any law faculty in Spain. Chair of Political Economics and the Treasury. Appointed as Dean in 1969

Mª Teresa Revilla

1936, Tetouan. UCD. MP during the first legislative term after the transition. Lawyer. Sole woman in the Constitutional Committee made up of 39 members. Defender of full women’s rights in Article 14 of the 1977 Constitution.

Inmaculada Sabater Llorens

1952, Elche. PSOE. MP for Alicante. The youngest of all the women. Founded the first neighbours association of Elche. Resigned from her seat because of disappointment with the legislative process. She felt incapable of doing anything as she believed that everything had already been decided beforehand.

Juana Arce Molina

1935, 73 years old, born in Albacete, lives in Madrid. Three children. Languages teacher. MP for Albacete during the first legislative term after the transition. Secretary of the Parliamentary Group of UCD during the first constituent term of office. Senator. Social politics.

Elena Maria Moreno González

1941, Santander. UCD. Director of the Bank of Bilbao. MP for Pontevedra. Work Committee on the physically and mentally disabled and prison facilities.

Those Deceased

Dolores Blanca Morenas Aydillo

1937, passed away in 1998. Two children. Badajoz. PP Parliamentary Group of UCD. Teacher and Head Professor of Natural Sciences and Biology at the University of Badajoz. Ministry of Industry for the Pre-Autonomous Government of Extremadura.

Palmira Plá Pechovierto

1914, born in Teruel and lived in Castellón. PSOE. Teacher. Socialist Youth of Spain, 1931. Generation of republican teachers. Manager of summer camps to protect children from the impact of the Spanish Civil War. Exiled in 1939 in Paris and Venezuela. Education.

Dolores Ibárruri

1895, Vizcaya. Six children. PCE (Communist Party of Spain). Passed away in 1989 at the age of 94. MP for the Popular Front in 1936. MP in 1977. Provisional Vice-president of the Spanish Parliament. Constitutive Session with Rafael Alberti, senior vice-president.

Marta Mata

Passed away in 2006. Born in 1926, Barcelona. PSC (Socialist Party of Catalonia). Teacher and pedagogue. Her mother was also a teacher. Worked in pedagogical renewal. MP in the first and second terms of office after the transition. Senator for Catalonia during the second term. Senator during the fifth term. Chair of the State School Council. Received various prizes for her work in education. Defender of public education in the 1977 Constitution.

Pilar Brabo

Passed away in 1993. Born in 1943, Madrid. One daughter. Studied Physical Sciences at university. PCE (Communist Party of Spain). Anti-Franco university activist who operated from the Spanish Democratic University Federation (FUDE). MP in the first and second terms of office after the transition. Governor for Castellón and Director-General of Civil Protection.

María Victoria Fernández

1925, Coruña. Deceased. AP (People's Alliance). Grand-daughter of the founder of the newspaper La Voz de Galicia. Journalist. MP for three terms of office. Left her party because she did not agree with its stance on NATO. Vice-president of the Administration Committee of La Voz de Galicia.

Carmen García Bloise

1937, Madrid. Passed away in 1994. PSOE. Exiled in Paris. Chartered Accountant. Member of the Socialist Youth of Spain at 15 years old. Trade Union activist in Renault. Secretary of UGT trade union in Paris. Belonged to the Miterrand politic team. She kept the accounts of the PSOE. Grupo de las Navas of the PSOE.

Maria Rubiés Garrofé

1932, born and lives in Lérida. Coalición Democracia i Cataluña. Secondary school teacher. Senator for the Senate’s Entesa dels Catalans Group.

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